Reflecting on God’s Blessings in 2023

As we quickly approach the coming new year, it’s good to look back and reflect on God’s grace and blessings over the past year. Many do this regarding their personal lives, with their family, etc. It’s good for our congregation to do the same. As has been true every year that God has been at work forming and growing us at Heritage, 2023 has been one that has been full of His kindness to us, His provision for us, and His work in and through us!

We have been blessed to worship our great and living God together each Lord’s Day! In January, the Lord blessed us with 4 new member families. Through the course of the year, God added eight new families to our fold. He has also brought many regular attenders. There are close to 25 people, both families and individuals, going through the New Members’ Class. Five non-communicant regular attenders professed their faith in Jesus Christ this year, becoming full-fledged communicant members.

There have also been abundant covenant baptisms – eight covenant children received the sign and seal of baptism this year. Ruth will be the ninth this coming Lord’s Day, Lord willing. We praise God for all of our covenant children!

The Lord raised up new officers to serve us. Deacon Casey Butler was ordained and installed as our first deacon in March of this year. Elder Travis Lewis was ordained and installed an additional ruling elder in August of this year.

God has blessed us through the preaching and teaching of His Word! Elder Lewis has been teaching through the Westminster Larger Catechism this year. This has been a rich series, which you can find HERE. I preached through First Corinthians, Hosea, and Second John. I’m currently preaching through the Gospel of Matthew and the Psalms. You can find all of these recordings HERE. I’ve also finished chapter by chapter reading through Song of Solomon and Revelation. I’m currently reading through Proverbs, which you can find HERE.

Further, Koine Greek and Apologetics classes were initiated this autumn where I am conducting a free course that is open an all-ages The ladies had a lot of fun at the April Baby Brunch, as well as the “Hello, Baby!” November Shower! Our Monthly Men’s Breakfast has been a blessing to the men of our church, both young and old.

Our body has engaged in many activities for outreach and evangelism in our community, including street preaching, public psalm-singing, and local ministry work.

Jawbone Fest 2023 was, also, a good success this year in raising funds to support Home Missions of our Presbytery, the Presbytery of the Southwest.

Beloved, these are but a few highlights of much more that has gone on in the life and ministry of our church this year! Oh, how blessed we’ve been. God has given us sweet love for and fellowship with one another. Let us all praise the Lord for His abundant goodness to us! Let us pray together for His continued grace and work for His glory in 2024!