God’s Help in Trouble

Give us help from trouble, for the help of man is useless. Through God we will do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies.” – Psalm 108:12-13

Man’s help? Or God’s help? Who will deliver us? Who should we call upon? King David gives us important instruction through example in Psalm 108. Our God is the great rescuer and defender. He is our refuge and strong tower. He is ready and willing to give aid to His people, especially in the midst of trouble. We know this well from verse 12, as well as the beginning verses of Psalm 46. David not only knew these truths well, but that knowledge was put into practice in difficult times in his life. We see this in his plea to the Lord (which are the same words he said in Psalm 60:9-12). See how David wouldn’t make a plea to his fellow man. He knew that the help of men wouldn’t work. Any such aid would be sorely lacking. In fact, it would be vain and useless. Why? When we are assured of God’s grace and favor to help us, there is no reason why we should desire man’s aid. The attraction of earthly resources disappears before the brightness of God’s power.

David knew that the only effective and true help would be divine help from heaven. This is the glorious picture here, summed up in prayer, hope, confidence, and dependence. A passionate plea in prayer to the living God. A prayer that is filled with hope and confidence. Complete, humble dependence on God to answer his prayer and bring the aid David desired. For David knew, as we too must remember, that we are completely undone if God doesn’t help and deliver us. Do you believe this?

If we’re honest, we’re often tempted to think that we truly wouldn’t be undone. We can get by and survive the skirmish alright. We can muddle through on our own or with some help from other soldiers. Yet, we must depend on the grace of God, both for strength and success in our work and warfare. We all need to have camel knees, so to speak, (thick and calloused from being on them so much) when it comes to prayer and our pleas to Jesus. We can and should pray with confidence that God will do all that He has promised to do, in accordance with His Word.

We must press on in fighting the good fight (1 Timothy 6:12), taking each step knowing we would be part of the rank and file of the enemy, who stirs up trouble, apart from the saving work of Christ. We know our need for our General to lead and help us in the fight. We know, like David, that we can do nothing of ourselves, but that it’s only through Him we will do valiantly. It’s only through Christ and the work of His Spirit that we will have efficient strength. We know that we can’t defeat our enemies alone. It’s God who treads them down, and tramples them. Christ has the victory. Matthew Henry says it well, “We cannot speed by any merit or might of our own; it is God himself that treads down our enemies, else we with all our valour cannot do it. Whatever we do, whatever we gain, God must have all the glory.”

Indeed, to God be the glory, great things He has done and will do for us, His beloved children!