A Beautiful Ensemble

Psalm 95:1 “Oh come, let us sing to the Lord! Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation.”

God has designed the human voice to be able to make such a lovely sound in song. Now, it’s true for many that listening to people sing is great. Our comfort level with the sound coming out of our own mouths in song- that’s a different story. Some don’t think that they have good voices and are hesitant to sing anywhere outside of the shower. Others may have good voices, but just don’t know how to sing. Therefore, they don’t like to sing. Thoughts may go through our minds like “People will make fun of me if I sing”, or “I’m too embarrassed to sing”.

In Psalm 95, David encourages each one of us to come and sing to the Lord. Do you know that when praising God, you are a wonderful soloist? Do you realize that when you are singing with His people, you are a part of the most beautiful vocal ensemble in existence? God has crafted your voice exactly the way it should be. Keep in mind- David doesn’t speak only those who know how to sing or are proven to have good voices. He is speaking to all of the children of God. Therefore, we need to sing, even shout joyfully with our whole hearts to God.

Though we may think the sound that comes out of our mouths is the most out of tune, off pitch noise there could ever be, God says it is good to sing praises to Him. He even calls it pleasant and beautiful (Psalm 147:1). This is the time when we must bring our thoughts and feelings in line with what God says is true and then move forward in joyful worship.

I encourage you to think about your view of your own voice and your comfort level in singing when praising God this week. Even if you think you have the most wretched voice on earth, sing to your Lord. If your voice cracks, sing. If you can’t carry a tune, sing. If you sing with your family in family worship, lead by example and teach them how to lift their voices to God. When you’re in Worship, don’t worry about what the person next to you will think. You’re not singing to them. You’re raising your voice in song to your Creator, who made your voice. You’re singing to the One who sits on the throne in Heaven. He is worthy and deserving of all your praise!

Know this- It’s a blessing to be part of a congregation that sings! Let’s continue to grow in that together. Come, let’s sing to the Lord. Let’s shout joyfully to Him!