Word, Walk, and Witness

This week, I’m taking a brief pause in the Christian Family series I’ve begun, to share a few thoughts on a matter that happened this past week. Many of you know about, have read about, or maybe even saw the latest debauchery this world has to offer to the public eye and appetite. This time it was in the form of the obscene, Satanic performance of Sam Smith in the 2023 Grammy Awards. Though my family never watches the awards ceremony, after I watched a clip, stomach turning, righteous anger inducing, and repulsive are few words that accurately describe the event.

This is the face of depravity, Beloved. Don’t be shocked when those of the world take off their masks and show themselves (even with full apparel) to be grotesque, immoral, wicked, and offensive like their father, the Devil. They carry out his lusts and desires (John 8:44). Don’t be shocked when they worship him in public, and other worldlings praise them for doing so. We will see more of this in time to come.

They will flaunt and strut. They will seek to seduce and lure with evil and lies. They will rail more and more against Christ and His church. However, their actions will ultimately fall short. It’s wonderful that we know the Victor (Revelation 12:10). We know King Jesus, and it’s so good to be known and redeemed by Him! The fact that Christ is sovereignly ruling and reigning now at the right hand of the Father, that He is about the work of building and expanding His kingdom now, that He is putting His enemies under His feet (1 Corinthians 15:25), should be a great comfort to us. Satan’s time is short. His doom is sure. (Matthew 25:41, Revelation 20:10) Praise the Lord!

Therefore, though he rages all the more (Revelation 12), when things like recent Grammy events happen, may Christ’s church not be repulsed, yet do nothing. May these things not just churn in our minds, cause us to shake our heads, and stop there. May we not just be meme generators and sharers on social media. Events like this, and others that are even more significant, are great opportunities for focused kingdom work. May events like this widen our sight of the need, draw us more to prayer, and motivate us to take steps in pressing forward for the cause of Christ, with His light to those both within and outside the church. By His grace, God equips us and works in and through us for this very thing, for His purposes in the battle.

We are the church militant, and must not act like the church impotent. So, armored up, let’s press forward together in the mission God has given to us. What Gospel conversations, what impact can be made with friends, family, or others you meet in times like this? What encouragement and edification can you provide to other brothers and sisters in Christ who may be troubled or discouraged?

I encourage you to press forward, countering the claims and deeds of the world with the life changing precepts and truth of the living God. Press forward in godly word, walk, and witness praying that many will see and hear, that many will be encouraged and comforted, that many would be snatched from the fire, that many, by God’s grace, would be freed from bondage in darkness and call upon the Lord Jesus Christ in true faith. Press forward for the advance of Christ’s crown and kingdom. All for the glory of Christ, my friends. All for the glory of Christ!